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I read this quote from Andrew Wilkinson (co-founder of Tiny Capital):

"There are all these cool products that are on Product Hunt. Every day you think "that's cool". But most of them fizzle."

I know this from my own personal experience and I think this is also true for many other developers like me. We build fun little side projects, launch them on Product Hunt, but let them fizzle afterwards.

Andrew has a reason for this, and so he continues to explain:

"A lot of the time it's started by a developer and the developer doesn't understand how to market and grow something."

And even when some of the developers do have the knowledge how to market and grow something, they're often not interested in it as much as creating something.

"So what I was thinking is that it would be smart to go through Product Hunt, go back 6 months, and just look at the coolest shit that came out. And then start approaching all these developers and say: look, I give you 5 grand."

But the truth is that it's hard to go through thousands of products on Product Hunt and spend time approaching makers without knowing if they're interested in selling at all.

And so investors like Andrew won't really get to it.

I made a website where we can bring our abandoned side projects, still full of potential, to Andrew and other investors.

I wouldn't mind extra $5-10k – how does this work?

Okay, so you have a fun little side project that you felt motivated about some time ago. But now you bought yet another .io domain and started working on a new side project.

While your previous project may not feel exciting for you anymore, it could be useful for someone else.

Why not sell it and make some extra cash? Go to and list your startup for sale (it's free).

First, fill in some details about your project. Just the basics like name + logo, but also a quick description or how do you see this can be monetized in the future.

Then upload some screenshots, this lets investors quickly see what your product is about:

And your life is so easy now. All you have to do is just wait for great acquisition offers to drop into your email inbox.

Check out and let me know what you think by emailing me

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