Filters, Users and Premium accounts

I announced a few days ago that I'm starting to build MicroAngel – a marketplace connecting micro-investors and founders.

My focus is on bootstrapped micro-SaaS startups, often built by a solo developer, but sometimes in a small team.

I also said that I'm going to build it in public. This means that you can follow my progress from this blog. I'll be sharing what I'm building and you can be part of it.

I've spend a little bit of my weekend to build a few initial functionalities. This is what I started with.


Micro-SaaS startups are in different stages of their development. While some are run by a solo developer and making $100 per month, others have been building their product for years, hired some people and doing considerable revenue.

This is why filters are important. The idea is that you would be able to find startups that resonate with your current investment plans.

Filters will be definitely a central tool for finding the right startups, so I will be actively working on adding more soon.

User Accounts

I need to have user accounts in place, that's quite obvious. It's currently very simple: people can sign up and login. Founders can add their startups and are able to edit them later. That's it, let's see how far we'll go with our accounts.

🏆 Premium Accounts

Startups who are open to investment opportunities are partly hidden for non-premium investors – while you can see their metrics like revenue, you can't see their product name (or other identifiable info).

Why? Because micro-SaaS founders are interested in serious investors/buyers.

And this is how I'm trying to separate serious investors from people who are just looking around. It's fine to look around, but when you're serious about starting to invest, you can get the Premium Account.

I'm building micro-startups in public. See what I'm up to /now