Statuses, Related Startups, and micro-PE

I've spent some of my Saturday building new features and sharing them on Twitter. Here's what I built.

βœ… Startups are in different stages

I've learned that micro-SaaS startups are in different stages. Some founders are happy to hear motivating offers from investors. Others are not ready for it.

And so I came up with three different statuses for startups listed on MicroAngel:

βœ… Ready to sell – The startup is actively looking to sell its product and business.
β˜‘οΈ Open to Offers – The startup is not actively looking to sell but is interested in considering motivating offers.
❌ Closed to offers – The startup is currently not for sale and is not accepting any investments.

πŸ’‘ Idea: investors can follow startups and get notified if the founder starts accepting investments or plans to sell.

This is solo-founder Noah Bragg's Potion – a website builder on Notion. He is actively working on a product and isn't currently interested in selling part or all of the product. But you can still learn about it on MicroAngel and, in the future, get notified when the status changes.

You're looking at an early-stage micro-SaaS. Like Noah Bragg's Potion, which is currently doing $1,200 in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

You may think to yourself: "Ok, it currently has a rather low ARR. But it's an early stage. What is the potential? How much revenue are similar products doing?"

Related startups help you find similar micro-SaaS products.

And this is one of the ways how related startups can help you. You'll see a related product called Super that is doing $205,000 (+16,983%) in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

And here's your opportunity! You can offer Potion a motivating amount of money to own a % of the business.

πŸ’Ό Micro-PE (Private Equity) companies

I see a trend in building Private Equity companies focusing on micro-SaaS. These are often created by founders who have successfully sold their own SaaS.

And I think it would be interesting to list these micro-PE companies on MicroAngel as these are exactly the type of companies most likely to be interested in micro-SaaS.

XOXO Capital is a micro-PE company built by founders. They already have some successful micro-SaaS products in their portfolio, and they're actively looking to acquire more.

These micro-PE companies get their a profile on MicroAngel, including a list of their portfolio companies.

πŸ’‘ Idea: when an investor approaches a founder through MicroAngel, the founder can see from the investor's profile also the micro-PE company details, like current portfolio companies.

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